2. Get a proper haircut and then style according to the cut.

Getting the right cut makes all the difference! Ask your stylist for suggestions on the best cut for your hair, taking into consideration the texture and curl formation.

If you’re trying to get volume, do you need more texturizing? If you have fine hair, should you have less layers for your style? If you’re trying to style your hair under, can your stylist undercut it to help it go that way? If you’re always fighting to get your hair to go into place, there may be something that could be done in the cut to help you.

Communication with your stylist is key. Make sure your stylist knows how you plan to style it most days and what problems, if any, you’re having with it. If you’re still fighting with it after that, ask for a little styling lesson. Your hair should get easier to do the more you communicate. If it doesn’t, it may be time to look for a different stylist.

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