Scary Hair Stories

With Halloween upon us, it’s time for all sorts of spooky stories with an air of creepiness. Maybe it’s more like crispy air than creepy air, but either way, the season is here. I’m sure all of you could tell a tale of traumatic, scary things that happened to your hair. If not your own […]


Static is a year-round problem, but it’s especially common in the winter. Do you ever wonder why you get static in your hair? Simply put: Lack of moisture. When clients ask me about static, most often the culprit is the wrong kind of shampoo. I recommend using a professional, salon-quality shampoo that will add the […]

DIY HAIR TREATMENTS (Part 5 of 5): My Favorites

If you look online, there are all kinds of hidden treasures in your kitchen cupboards to make do-it-yourself hair treatments. In Parts 1-4 of this series, I talked about a few of the more popular items and gave my own thumbs up or thumbs down to them. When it comes to improving the overall condition […]

DIY HAIR TREATMENTS (Part 4 of 5): Removing Odors

The first 3 parts of this series covered DIY hair treatments. In this part, I’ll cover how Essential Oils, Herbal Teas, and Rose Water can be a safe DIY option for making the hair smell good. If I wanted to get smells out of my own hair and I didn’t have time to wash it, […]

DIY HAIR TREATMENTS (Part 3 of 5): Hair Growth

In Part 1 & Part 2 of this series, I talked about popular ingredients for adding moisture or shine to your hair using DIY hair treatments. Although I much prefer a good shampoo or vitamin that’s made to aid hair growth, I know some people like to go the unconventional route. In this segment I […]