1. Work with, not against, what your hair naturally wants to do.

I recently had a client who went through a major health trauma and months of treatments. Her hair thinned and she’s been growing it back. Her old hair was the “normal” texture that she was used to, but all the new hair growing in was curly. When I got her hair wet and saw just how curly it really was, I asked if she’d be willing to wear it curly because it would be easier for her than trying to style it straight, especially with all of the crazy new hair coming in right now. For the time being, she just can put in her product and air dry. And it looks so cute on her!

Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to go curly. But what I’m saying is work with what you have. And that changes from time to time, based on your schedule and your hair.

If your hair wants to part a certain place, let it. Style around that part. If you don’t have a ton of natural volume, just get the best volume you can for your hair. Don’t spend a bunch of time trying to compete volume-wise with people who naturally have tons of hair. Do what makes sense for you, and you’ll find you’re spending less time fighting it. Talk to your stylist if you need some ideas of what your hair naturally wants to do. It can still look great!

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