Why am I not calling these my New Year’s Resolutions? Because 80% of those fail. By the third week of January.

Many people refuse to set *cough* GOALS. And I get that. It sounds a bit stuffy. It feels like goals are just meant for joking these days.

But what about just having a FOCUS for the year? Does that seem less stuffy? Maybe, dare I say, a little fun? (If not, start over. Make it fun! Who wants to focus on drudgery for an entire year?!)

Let me share with you a few things I plan to focus on this year.

1. A while back I wrote a blog post about finding your version of pretty. I do that, but not often enough. There is something to be said about feeling pretty. I love to try out different hairstyles and makeup. Lipstick and glosses make me feel fancy and give me a quick boost of feeling confident and sexy. So I’m going to focus on that more. I’m even going to add some bold colors in there! Oooh and maybe some glitter. I’ll really be living on the edge.

2. This past year, I got on a studying tangent about creativity. I have felt a little bit stuck in Groundhog’s Day. Getting my creative juices flowing again is going to be the answer to that conundrum. I will focus on learning even more about creativity and put it into practice in my life. Working creatively makes me happy. I’m also developing a couple new classes about it for this year too, building upon the creativity classes I developed last year. It’s going to be a creative year.

3. Music has always been my passion. When I went home for Christmas, I realized how much it has been missing in my life lately. My parents spend a good part of their time singing along to the radio, practicing their instruments, performing with choirs or orchestras, or watching concerts. That is going to be my focus too. I’m picking music back up where I left off. Whether it’s getting in more practice time, finding new music to enjoy, or writing new music myself. Who knows? The sky is the limit!

None of the things here sound stuffy or torturous, do they?
My challenge to you: Find things that bring joy into your life, and focus on them.

Happy New Year!

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