Think what you want about Amy Schumer, her new movie “I Feel Pretty” has a good message. Aside from the 14 year old bathroom humor, I liked it. It is what it is: A comedy with a feel good message.

It seems the beauty industry is getting a beating lately. THEY are the reason that women are feeling inadequate, not beautiful, that they don’t measure up. So let’s all boycott the beauty industry, right?! Wrong. They are not the bad guys. We are our own bad guys.

In the movie, when Renee Bennett hits her head, she sees herself as pretty and acts with the confidence that feeling gives. Never once does the movie show exactly how she sees herself. That’s the beauty of this show. She was HER version of pretty.

I make people feel pretty on a daily basis. How do I know this? By their reactions. I see that boost of confidence, I feel them re-energize. I know the power women have when they feel pretty. Where that power and confidence escapes us, is when we compare ourselves to others, and when we worry about what others think. Was my selfie too pretentious? Oh gosh, now everyone’s gonna think that I looove myself. Who cares?! Stop worrying about it. (This is easier said than done, I know. I’m working on this too.)

Why don’t we have the confidence that we used to have as a kid? We let other people’s view of pretty influence our view of ourselves. Maybe getting fancy hair and makeup isn’t what makes you feel pretty. (It is for me.) Maybe it’s running a marathon. Maybe it’s giving the perfect speech at a gathering. Maybe it is going to Soul Cycle. You have to do what makes YOU feel pretty.

If you aren’t feeling this way about yourself, here’s my advice. One, go see this movie. Two, go to a beauty professional who will help you define what pretty looks like to you, and then own that look! Three, figure out what else makes you feel pretty and keep doing it.

I would love to hear what makes you feel pretty! Leave a comment, or drop me a message.


  • Stacy taylor says:

    I haven’t seen this movie but I can already tell in going to like it. I hear you about the attack on the beauty industry. It’s a weird thing to be in an industry that people see as superficial and not feel that way at all about it.

    • Yes! It’s such a disconnect from the confidence and esteem building that we see every single day. Plus, I think it’s the only time some of my clients have time to themselves to relax or just sit and do nothing. The effect that has on their well-being alone makes you realize you’re doing something good.