Good hygiene of the scalp (and hair) is important to your overall health. I talk about some myths surrounding shampooing your hair and the problems we see with clients who aren’t getting their scalp clean on this segment of The Lisa Valentine Clark Show radio show. Linked here.

These are some of the problems clients experience when they skip too many shampoos or when they rush their morning routine too often. For more information about this topic, read my other blog post here.

1. Oily hair. Odors happen when the oil breaks down and the smells can no longer be masked by hair products. Oil can also interfere with your color or styling processes. If you’re not getting the results you want from your styling products, it could be that oil is preventing them from performing well.

2. Hair loss. Excessive buildup or excessive use of dry shampoo can clog the hair follicles, which affects hair growth and loss.

3. Dandruff. This appears as yellow, chunky flakes that form on the scalp and then fall off. They can get trapped in the hair if you don’t shampoo well.

4. Buildup. A collection of skin, dirt, product residue, and oils that stay clustered together on the scalp and hair. Buildup often causes itching and can interfere with your color and style, as well as your comfort.

5. Fungus, yeasts, and infections. Not only are they harmful to your overall health, these can cause sensitivity in the scalp and contribute to other scalp disorders. Cleaning your scalp well and making sure your hair dries thoroughly can help prevent these problems.

Are you experiencing any of these problems with your hair? Do you have questions about how to shampoo correctly? Send me a message in the CONTACT form on the ABOUT page.

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