DIY HAIR TREATMENTS (Part 2 of 5): Adding Shine

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about products that are popular for adding moisture and nourishment in DIY hair treatments.

Two other ingredients are often used to add shine and give a healthy bounce to the hair. I weigh in on those products here.

Beer and Apple Cider Vinegar

Beer and vinegar are natural clarifying treatments. When the hair is clean and there isn’t buildup on the surface, it can have more shine, body and bounce. So yes, beer or vinegar may add shine if you want to try a natural treatment.

I think there are lots of other, less expensive ways to add shine that would be quicker and easier to do, but beer or vinegar will clean, and they’re not going to hurt the hair. Don’t overuse them or you’ll risk drying out the hair. For a once-in-a-while cleanse, they’re just fine.

Have you tried washing your hair with beer or vinegar before? Did you notice any difference? How did your hair smell afterward?

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