Stylists often get asked if they can squeeze in a trim… “Just a really quick trim. I only want a little off the ends” is what clients bargain with when the schedule is too full to add a haircut (or sometimes when they’re shopping for a reduced-price cut). I hear this from stylists all the time.

Let me explain why it doesn’t quite work that way.

1. “It’s just a really quick trim.” Granted, some trims are quicker than a full-blown makeover type haircut. So, we get what you’re saying. Also, it may help to know in advance when someone is planning to make a major change because, if nothing else, the consultation part of the appointment will generally take longer for a major change. But the truth is, for most clients, a trim and a haircut take the same amount of time.

2. “I only want a little off the ends.” Unless your plan is for the stylist to comb all the hair down at once and just lob off the bottom in one big cut (which a professional would never do anyway), the amount of hair we’re taking off doesn’t actually affect the time we spend on the cut. A stylist still has to go through all of the same sectioning, combing, measuring, checking, double checking, and fine tuning of the cut whether you want to take off ½ inch or 3” inches of hair. And if you want it to look good, we can’t eliminate any of those things. Once we’ve done the proper sectioning and make a cut, it doesn’t matter how much hair actually falls to the ground. A cut is a cut. It takes the same amount of time.

All stylists have their own methods for cutting, but for me personally, there are a couple other things to note: Before I do any combing or sectioning, I want the hair to be completely clean and to see how it moves naturally. The shampoo time alone often takes 15-20 minutes these days, depending on the hair and how often it’s washed. Also, in order to properly finish a haircut, I completely dry the hair and then fine tune it with my dry cutting. I would not let a client leave before finishing the dry part of the cut.

So even though you really, really, really want to just squeeze in a quick trim, the reality is that it takes longer than you think for your stylist to do a proper trim. There is a reason and a method to our madness. But that means you will have the best looking hair you could possibly want. And I think that’s a good thing.

My Advice: It doesn’t hurt to ask your stylist if there’s time to fit in a haircut. It may help if you mention that it’s a trim and not a totally new cut. But if your stylist says there isn’t time, trust that answer. Ask to be put on a cancellation list in case something opens up, and then book for a day when there is the proper amount of time and the stylist won’t be rushed. That’s how you’ll get a haircut that you can proudly wear.

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