Will Permanent Color Last Longer? (NO. 3)

CLIENT: My color always fades and gets kind of dull a few weeks after having it done. Why doesn’t my stylist use a permanent color so it will last longer?

COLORGEEKCHIC: This is a good question because “permanent color” is often misunderstood, even by stylists.

The word permanent is a bit of a misnomer here. It does not mean that the color will last permanently.

To put it simply: This type of haircolor permanently lifts out your natural hair color, lightens it, and replaces it with an artificial pigment/color. It permanently alters your natural color. This does not mean that the pigment deposited back on your hair will last permanently, or even longer than any other type of color. The tones will still fade. It just means that now your natural pigment has been changed, permanently.

In fact, there are many scenarios in which a demi-permanent haircolor will last much longer than a permanent haircolor. For example, if you refresh the color on your ends every time you have your roots done, a demi-permanent color will usually last longer.

I tell people to make sure they’re going to a competent, knowledgeable stylist, and then trust your stylist to choose the right type of color for your situation. Most often, they will know the best color to use, and the best steps to take, to make your color last as long as possible.

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