DIY HAIR TREATMENTS (Part 4 of 5): Removing Odors

The first 3 parts of this series covered DIY hair treatments. In this part, I’ll cover how Essential Oils, Herbal Teas, and Rose Water can be a safe DIY option for making the hair smell good.

If I wanted to get smells out of my own hair and I didn’t have time to wash it, I would use a hair perfume or a dry shampoo because they’re designed to combat or neutralize odors.

A natural alternative to those could be a little peppermint oil, some lavender oil, or a spritz of rose water in the hair, for those who prefer an organic treatment rather than a cosmetic one.

When there is time to wash it, some people like to do rose water washes or tea baths for the hair because of the aroma they give. Either of those are safe things to try in the hair to give it a good smell. My caution to you would be to stick with teas that are mostly clear in color. Dark, reddish, or green teas can stain the hair, especially lighter hair tones.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you can guess by now that my number one recommendation for removing odors from the hair is just a good, old-fashioned, shampoo cleanse. Do it often. And wash thoroughly.

For some clients (especially those with thick hair), a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove bacteria, buildup, and oils can also help. For more information on why I think it’s important to keep your hair and scalp clean, read the post linked here.

But when it comes to natural, at-home and DIY recipes for hair, hair fragrance is where you can really experiment freely. Spritz some of your favorite ingredient in the hair, or try soaking in a scent you really love.

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