What should you do when your bangs are too long but you’re not ready for a haircut?

As a stylist, I would rather have people style them off to the side, or pin them up, mostly because it’s very rare that a client trims their own bangs correctly. But if you really can’t wait until you see a professional and are going to cut them anyway, here are a few pointers that might help you:

1. Cut them waaaay longer than the length you think they should be, and don’t keep cutting at them over and over again.

2. Don’t pull them down tight or twist them before cutting. This will keep you from cutting them shorter than planned.

3. Don’t cut horizontally. This will show every flaw and it will be difficult for you to make them even. Keep your scissors vertical and cut vertically. This softens the edges of the cut and makes it less noticeable if uneven.

Keep in mind also that many stylists offer a complimentary (or reduced cost) bang trim. If you really want to make a good haircut last, schedule regular bang trims between your haircuts and let the professionals take care of them. Not only will it save you some possible heartache, but your stylist will appreciate not having to fix them every time you come back.

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